Exclusive Black and White Diamond Earrings from Verifine - Not available to buy from anyone else!

What Are Black Diamonds?

Black Diamond are genuine natural diamonds. They are not exaclty black, but appear black, because the inclusions internally dont allow the light to shine through.

Black Diamond Earring Collection - Exclusive from Verifine

Coming soon: Our new 'Black and White' earring collection.  We have 4 new styles of earrings, using a mix of black and white diamonds, and they will look stunning. We are not aware of anyone else manufacturing or selling this specific style of earrings.

Gemopoli Rings - Diamond and Black Diamonds

Watch this space: We are in the midst of a new Gemopoli ring to add to our current collection. We are hoping for this new collection to be available from September 2020

  • We will have new stocks of black diamond & white diamond earrings. 
  • Choose from 4 new styles of earrings using a mixture of black and white diamonds set on 18ct white gold. 
  • Hoop Earrings - Cross over hoops,  3 row hoops and 2 row hoops. We are excited as these will look stunning. 
  • We will be introducing the new 5 row Gemopoli which is our ‘top-of-the -range‘ super sparkly dress ring. Initially this will be available just in normal clear diamonds and black diamonds.

We wanted to present a real 'sparkler' in the form of a new Gemopoli ring and we have delivered - our new earring style is gong to be manufactured in 5 rows, not just 3 rows.

This means that each ring will be micro-set with over 300 individual stones. Initially this will be just diamond or black diamond but as we demonstrate with our Colour Gems Stacking Ring Collections we anticipate rolling out similar styles perhaps as early as Spring 2021.

View our current range of Black and White Diamond stacking full eterntity rings or the Verifine range of Gemopoli eternity rings collection.

Our 18ct gold Gemopoli rings are set with three rows of at least 160 individually micro-set stones of half a point each, weighing a total of 0.80ct. They are 3 mm wide, fully-set in a gentle curved band, ideal for stacking.

Black Diamond Gemopoli Full Eternity Stacking ring

Black and White Diamond Full Eternity Ring Stacking

Reserve Your Jewellery and Book A Viewing in London

Discover more - Email us here for the release date or call 020 7603 5688 during office hours to make an enquiry or a viewing appointment at our Kensington showroom in London.

Gem Colour Variety - Pink Eternity Rings

It's also worth noting that although there are many similar products available in diamonds, but what makes us different from the rest is our use of colour.

No-one makes the variety of coloured stone options we do - take our Pink Sapphire Eternity Rings in Platinum or 18ct fine gold, rose gold and white gold.

Pink Eterntity Ring Platinum Rose 18ct Gold

18ct Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold Prices for Rings, Earrings and Jewellery

Our pricing stands test to like for like comparisons from other jewellery collections,  this is a very important point so allow us to explain.

Rings from other manuafacturiers and brands may seem less expensive than Verifine, this is where you should compare like-with-like to demonstrate how we are lower in price than all the competition currently in the marketplace.

If you incorrectly compare us with something like MV for example you will the jewellery is far cheaper for what looks like a similar product. We have seen rings priced at £273 and ours are £795  - However MV rings are not made of solid gold. 

Instead, they are solid silver and plated on top with 18ct gold, additionally the stones are a lot smaller in size. Compare small diamond chips totalling 0.18 carat, compared to the Verfine ring diamonds which weigh 0.44 carat. Mathmatically speaking you are benefitting from slmost 3x the weight in comparison.

Online Jewellery Retailers vs Verifine Superior Manufacturing

If you compare us like-for-like with something genuinely similar from B.N. one of the largest online retailer of diamonds and diamond jewellery in the world and supposedly the cheapest.

Now, here's where you should compare them. We have identified one of their diamond eternity rings in 18ct white gold, very similar to ours. Similar number of stones and similar carat weight, and similar design. Their retail price is £1,080  and even with their special price ‘discounted rates’ they are asking £864. Our is £795 and we feel our creations look far superior than other brands.

Comparing Gold and Diamond Quality Explained

So comparing with real quality gold (We mean 18 carat gold for this example) and the diamond weight (In this case we specifically refer to the average build uses 40 diamonds at about 0.44 carat),  then we beat the competition hands down.