Jewellery care

Like all precious items, our jewellery, although extremely well made and will last a lifetime, should still be handled with care.

It is tempting to wear your pretty gemstone jewellery everywhere all the time, but it is worth avoiding the following conditions in order to prolong their life and beauty:

The beach and swimming pools: Excess oil, sweat and chlorine can discolour the gemstone and the abrasive texture of sand can change the smooth polish.

Chores: Housework, washing dishes and doing the laundry exposes your gemstones to a number of harsh chemicals that can alter their brightness and beauty.

Getting ready: Perfume, hairspray, lotion and even shampoo and conditioner have the potential to ruin gemstones over time. Make a habit of putting your jewellery on after you are completely ready, and you will never have to worry.

Sport and outdoor activities: During a workout or whilst playing sport or engaged in some other outdoor activity like gardening, the potential for stones to get knocked and dislodged is high.

Please note: If a stone falls out, we request that you do not continue wearing the ring, as the chance for other stones to fall out is then higher. Please send it to us and we will replace the stone.