Stacking Rings - Full Eternity Skinny Rings in a rainbow of colours

Stacking Diamond Eternity Rings In A Rainbow of Colours

Stacking rings are flexible fashion accessories designed to be colour co ordinated to compliment a special outfit, also known as full or half eternity rings, they have the power to add panache to your ensemble and glitz up.

Verifine dominates the London and international market based simply in the rainbow variety of stacking ring coloured gems available from their collections including clear and black Diamonds, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Orange Sapphires, Red Ruby creations and the gorgeous Blue Topaz pieces.

Matching colour co-ordinated jewellery allows you to switch and change your look with ease from the boardroom to ballroom - Browse our earrings, bracelets and necklace collections now - all with free UK and International shipping.

White Gold, Yellow and Rose Gold or Platinum Full Eternity Rings

White gold diamond full eternity rings are now available in our Black and White diamond or a thin rose gold stacking ring is a change to yellow or white 18ct gold; all of our collections can be customised should you wish for a unique bespoke piece to be created - Send a message for made to order options and we'll call you back.

Skinny Stacking Full Eternity Rings

Skinny stacking rings are minimalistic and can be mixed with a larger ring from your own jewellery box to draw a little attention when you're out attending a dinner party or event. Looking effortlessly chic has never been so effortless! If being flashy and going over the top is not your personality then you can simply stack multiple thin rings with a rainbow of colours.

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Mixing different materials and precious metals while stacking your rings pronounces the appearance that you've put thought and creativity into your outfit.

Book a viewing appoinment in our London, Kensington location or call for more information in 0207 603 5688 so you can experiement with differing colors and metal densities. Adding yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum adds variety to your jewellery collection at home enables you to have the choice every evening as a fabulous fashionista. It's a current hot topic that eternity stacking rings are now emerging as an irresistable trend that's everlasting and demonstrate variety at the higest level of style.

Skinny Stacking Rings in Diamonds and Rainbow Coloured Gems

Verifine are global leaders in the stacking ring and coloured gem eternity ring manufacturing processes, we have created complimentatory designs in earrings, bracelents and fine necklaces.

Stacking rings are among those fine jewellery pieces that most ladies would be delighted with. Combinations of skinny eternity style rings have now replaced the rather outdated large cocktail rings were popular statement accessories - nowadays people are replacing the huge statement rings and are embracing versitile, interchangeable and altogether lightweight skinny rings. Colour combinations can be bought to suit a birthstone colour, a landmark celebration, exam/qualification achievement, a graduation, in fact any special occasion or a gift to be sent when you're thinking of your partner should you be apart.

As the name rightly suggests, a stacking ring means wearing multiple rings on a single finger. As the Verifine range are designed to accomplish a minimal and chic look, the quantity of rings can be increased with the available assortment of gem colourings on offer. Stacked rings are one of the the 21st century emerging on-point trends, they are rising in popularity and being photographed in the limelight of many celebrity media photoshoots and being snapped at red carpet events around the world.

Fine Jewellery Collections for 40 Years

full eternity diamond stacking skinny rings platinum gold white black


Skinny full engagement rings do not attract attention by shouting 'Look at me, I need attention', the Verifine collections are subtly, elegant and unique. Of course, there's no hard and fast rule or rights and wrongs as to how many rings should be stacked at any one time. It's all about creating something unique (as a general fashion rule of wearing a ring on every finger can be a bit risky in the eyes of the press).

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Looking for some inspiration? Speak to us directly on 0207 603 5688. Finding your personal comfort in fashion is simply expressing yourself without having to communicate verbally, so it's straighforward to style the skinny stacking ring popularity and express your individuality with Verifine different coloured traditional full eternity rings.

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